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The internet is our friend in so many ways and it is proving its worth with every passing year. First it brought us emailing which gave us the chance to communicate with others far from and near to us with a single click of a button. Then the internet brought us social media, also another way to connect with friends from the past and to keep abreast of what is going on in Hollywood and all this, first hand from the stars themselves. Now it brings us a revolutionary way of sending a fax without paper or telephone lines. This new service is called fax to email.

This fax to email service is offered as a free service by most service providers and is the quickest and easiest way to send your faxes to the necessary recipients. The way in which this fax to email service works, is much like sending an email, the only difference however is that faxes are automatically converted into the right format once they have been sent. The two formats into which these files can be converted to are either PDF or TFF document type formats. Once the email has been received and opened, it can be saved to the computer or it can be printed.

There are a number of benefits to fax to email and one can see why this service has already been adopted by so many companies and individuals already. Besides the cost factor and the ease factor of using this service, there is also the fact that you are helping to save the planet by adopting this service. By the elimination of paper from you working environment you are ensuring that another tree can still stay in the ground and for a company maybe another five trees can still stay planted. All of these factors are what make this fax to mail such a popular form of sending documents.

All you need to do is register for fax to email at a service provider and you can get started. Contact Fax CV today

Check out these AMAZING fax to email sites below

  1. www.efax.za.org
  2. www.email-to-fax.co.za
  3. www.forfaxes.com
  4. www.geofax.org

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